New Website!

22 03 2009

Hey Guys,

I Have Some Exiting News! The Malvis Website Has Had Some Serious Updates!
First Of All, Torchwod Is The New Boss Of The Website As You All Know

And Now, We Are Moving Website! Our New Website Will Let Us Do Much More!
It Is

So, Dont Visit This Website Anymore, Visit The Website Above!

Thats All For Now,



Back Again!

8 02 2008

Hi guys,

 I am going to do next saturday 10AM PST a Club Penguin Party! Please comment if you can come! Well this is kind of like a Welcome back party P Heres the Invitation



I know ive been away too many times! Im sorry but what has to be, has to be! Ok well Rockhopper departs and the Mining helmets are back! More to that look at billybobs Post:


Hello Penguins!

As we head into the month of February, I am getting really excited!  There are a lot of great things coming out that I can’t share yet, but I can tell you that they have to do with Rockhopper’s recent troubles.  Keep checking the newspaper for more details because its only getting started!  As always, we would love to hear what you think is going to happen.

In other news:  There will be two new postcards this Friday so be sure to check them out and let us know what you think the next new ones should be.

 Take a look at the Iceberg. A lot changed and there is a free item! The Old Mining Helmet came back:


The Mining Helmet:


There is also a new Penguin Poll:


And a new Wallpaper:


Also the Stage changed again:


Heres the stage catalog.


Page 2-3:


Page 4-5:


Page 6-7:


And try using the Swichbox 3000:


And there are these new Postcards:




2 02 2008

Hi guys,

I just wanted to tell u that I am going on Ski Camp with my school for a whole week 😦 so I wont be able to post. 😥 Well actually im snowboarding! Well one more last time I am going to do next saturday 10AM PST a Club Penguin Party! Please comment if you can come! Well this is kind of like a Welcome back party 😛 Heres the Invitation



Back Once & For All!

1 02 2008

Hi guys,

I havent been posting for A while because my computer had a virus and it got fixed! But im back once and for all and im back to posting :mrgreen: and I hope u guys wont be mad at me :S Whatever… A lot happening today, new Newspaper, Penguin Poll, Pin, New Catalog and Rockhopper is trying to get back on his ship!

Lets start with the most basic. The screen of Club Penguin Changed! Check:


 And now the new pin is located at the Light House:


And here is the Penguin Poll:


Now look at Rockhoppers plan! I think hes going to row from the Iceberg to his migrator and then back again… hmmm… I wonder how he will fix his ship???


Heres a small animation where he rows with his rowboat over the migrator (Look through the Telescope):


And the new Catalog is here!


Here are the new items…

Page 2-3:


Page 4-5:



Stage Sneakpeak

30 01 2008

Hi guys,

nm was happening in the last couple of days but here is a Stage Sneakpeak and there is a new Wallpaper:

StageBig.gif And here is the Wallpaper:



New Music / Penguin Poll

25 01 2008

Hi guys,

as you know my internet is fixed again and im back to posting! Here are the new stuff happening today… Theres a new Penguin Poll and theres new Music!

Heres the new Music:


If you want to know what the music sounds like without logging in here are the swfs for the new songs that were added:

  1. Superhero
  2. Fall Fair
  3. Water Party

And heres the new poll:


That was all…


Im Sorry!

24 01 2008

Hi guys,

sorry I didnt post for a while but wordpress is having problems with my blog and my internet is not working properly. Right now it works so I might not be able to post until its fixed. They said tomorrow! :mrgreen: whatever. Theres a new Club Penguin Poll, there is a new Comic, there is a new Wallpaper, Rockhopper came AND a new newspaper!

So first of all rockhopper. He brought us Life Vests as free items and like always he will be running around club penguin trying to meet and Waddle around with other penguins!


So no worrying about the crash he had!

now the Penguin Poll:


And the new wallpaper / Comic:


And now the Newspaper…

Here are the main stuff U need to know about the Newspaper:

  • Rockhoppers Fine (Hes Ok)
  • Stuff are getting cheaper in club penguin (Prices going down)
  • The Featured game is Ice Fishing
  • As usual Aunt Arctic answers questions: Names on Newspapers & Secret Items
  • The Tip of the week is about the Jet Pack Adventure Game
  • As usual there are Jokes, Riddles, Puzzles, Comics and theres Poetry
  • And Of course the Upcoming Events

The Newspaper:


Top Stories

Num. 1 (Rockhoppers fine):


Num. 2 (Prices going down):


The Featured game:


And the Upcoming Events:


That was all…